Tom Doyle


Senior Systems & Security Engineer with 8+ years of Linux Experience.

BSc Software Engineering

Have spent a number of years as a Linux administrator, creating bespoke in-house tooling and libraries to make the oversight and maintanence of machines and users easier. I have sovled problems such as centralized multi factor authentication, automated docker container deployments, self service provisioning of databases and automated deployment of Ubuntu Linux to bare metal, dual boot machines and on premise servers with Ansible.


Cyber Security Engineer

  • Application Security
  • Vulnerability Detection and Remediation
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Management
  • Secuity Operations Management

Senior Systems Engineer

  • Maintain enterprise storage solutions, including backup and recovery and disaster recovery
  • Create bespoke integratoin and automation solutions for data flows and infrastrcuture automation
  • Participate with security team in server hardening and rapid cyber responces
  • Solve complex issues in a large enterprise environment

Linux Administrator

  • Maintain business critical servers and services that run on Linux and Windows in a virtual and physical environment
  • Maintain and update over 600 dual boot Linux PCs
  • Write and maintain linux automation tooling including Ansible playbooks with custom modules
  • Create custom and bespoke internal tooling to manage systems in a dynamic environment

Database Engineer

  • Wrote automation scripts and Chef cookbooks to install and maintain database systems for Postgres, Oracle and Redis
  • Install and maintain Postgres database systems